MKK Landscape
 MKK Hardscape and Residence Elevation; the residence sits on top a hill, requiring terracing to integrate the programmatic needs with the natural site
 overlay sketch—during the design process-figuring out the pool and dining terraces immediately abutting the residence
 Plan showing the hardscape and park landscaping. The site is a beautiful oak topped hill. The goal for this landscaping: integrate the house and hardscape programmatic needs as gently as possible. Designed native meadows and plantings mix with the native oaks to create a transition between the natural and built, the hard and soft.
 Detail Showing a driveway retaining wall containing recessed lighting; typical level of detail my architectural plans reach
 Detail 2 of the MKK driveway wall
Acreage Lane Landscape
 plan and section of a sunken garden—Phase 2— showing the detailed brick pattern wall. Here, multiple brick shapes are combined to create patterns, depth, and texture
 plan view of the proposed sunken garden—Phase 2. Steps from the main terrace take you down into a sunken garden, DG and Arbors to the left, Lawn to the right. the focal point of the sunken terrace is a large hedge—creating a truly enclosed, private retreat—and water lilly and Papyrus pond.
 Arial shot showing phase one of the project completed. Seen here, the fenced rose and vegetable garden give way to dining terraces with a view of the native oak and redwood forest
 larger plan and section showing the scope and complete brick patterned wall—Phase 2
 dining terrace with forest in the background
 forest viewed from the lower terrace
 Tobacco nocturne mixes with sunflowers and pumpkins to create a sensory and egalitarian flower/vegetable garden
 Red and green Amaranth spill over the garden fence
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