My background in design stretches back to a childhood full of grass and twig houses, lofty tree forts, and dirty mud holes. I was blessed to grow up in the country and in a craftsmenship-rich family. With four generations of craftsmen leaving their mark in one way or another I followed suit as the newest, scratching hovels and forts into the earth and reaching into the lofty California oaks and redwoods. Physically making something with my hands was an integral part of my upbringing; creativity a backbone. I gathered a connection to material, to color, and to proportion from the universe I occupied.

When it came time to solidify these skills with education I chose Architecture. In 2008 I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BA in Environmental Design, Architecture. I absorbed the richness of Art and Architecture history, ever expanding my understanding of my universe. Here the intuitive material connections of my childhood found route in structure and in formal language. Architecture school supplied a vocabulary to an upbringing of designing and creating.

Walking on rolling seas; an education within my social universe. After my undergrad I spent four years working on motor yachts internationally. This experience was paramount in the creation of the person I am today. It opened my eyes to the world I occupy in a way connecting to my natural world as a child, or the codifying of design in Architecture school hadn’t. It connected me to the diverse human story. Travel and a melding of cultures within one working environment created an adaptability and resourcefulness untapped in my previous exploits. The highest level of service and attention to detail was instilled in my being. My universe expanded.

The intimate grass and twig fort. The architectural model of a house. The intimate moment of an object in relation to humanity.

My name is Todd Anderson and I am a furniture designer. I found through my journey that my ultimate place lay between the twig fort and the architectural realm. It was in the intimate connection between object and human. It resided in the story between material, memory, and physical touch an object contains. I recently graduated with my Masters in furniture design from the Rhode Island School of Design. I am grateful every day to work on objects that contain my story, my installations, and share the universe as I’ve witnessed it. I look to embed each piece I design with the patterns of my journey, the material connections I’ve made along the way, and with the special connection to humanity design holds.